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Olha quem encontrou a TARDIS.

favourite character meme | two emotions

↳ [2/2] confidence



This ! <3 poor Cho…

Lisbon trying to hide her smile is the most adorable thing ever…

I’m not handsome enough to be James Bond. Maybe a villain though. - Matt Smith 

rose tyler, defender of the earth

Klaine Week 2014: Favorite Musical Moments in Season 5
↳ I’m Still Here, Lucky Star, Just The Way You Are, You Make Me Feel So Young, Defying Gravity, Got To Get You Into My Life, Pumpin Blood.

I want a semi-freaking normal life.

Qual sua serie favorita? - love love-books-and-series

Não posso falar de uma preferida. Meu primeiro amor no mundo das séries foi Prison Break.

Meu top 5: Fringe, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Bates Motel, Arrow, Vicious. OPAA top 5 onde? UAUSAUSUAUDSUAUDSUA

I’m watching Hannibal

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